A one of a kind blockchain enabled and NFT backed solution that makes your business stronger, bigger and better!

How it Works

blokChi’s anti-Counterfeit solutions can be deployed without making any changes to the printing process, ink, printers, scanners, or packaging artwork.

Receive scan and interaction data from professionals or consumers

blokChi’s anti-Counterfeit solutions can be deployed without making any changes to the printing process, ink, printers, scanners, or packaging artwork.

The benefits you will reap are three-fold!

The feature set we offer is one of the most comprehensive feature-sets in the market!
Every single problem that may occur is accounted for and the best part is, you can pick and choose and create your own tailor-made solution.


Exponential growth

Using blokChi’s cutting edge technology base and its innovative interface is a recipe for success and growth.

  • Customers are the backbone of any industry. Ensure satisfied customers with blokChi by deploying its fool-proof anti-counterfeiting solution, attractive customer loyalty programs and brand integrity tools.
  • Shield your brand reputation and ensure your customers get what they pay for.
  • The one of a kind NFT technology eliminates space in the market for fakes and thereby de-incentivizes counterfeiters.
  • Supply chain optimization ensures that business is not lost to competitors and persistent availability of products is achieved.
  • By employing blokChi’s versatile feature set, companies can focus on their core competencies and leave the compliance and administrative work on the algorithm.

Cost Saving

Any business needs enough profitability to survive and thrive. At blokChi, we help save your costs so that you can hit your desired targets.

  • Being a one-stop solution, blokChi takes care of a wide array of problems. Now, you don’t need to employ different service providers for your needs.
  • Because of its end-to-end track and trace feature, benefits like inventory management, product recall, demand prediction etc. are achieved effortlessly.
  • Optimized influencer programs and customer loyalty programs ensures that monetary benefits circulated actually reap results and are given to the appropriate person.
  • Costs to control brand loss and any other expenses because of faulty or counterfeit products will become minimized because our real-time comprehensive reports will contain every relevant data point.
  • blokChi doesn’t disrupt your production process so additional costs to incorporate the solution stand eliminated.

Enhanced Compliance

Every industry has its own compliance requirements, and a white label solution generally doesn’t provide mechanism that are suitable for every industry. This is not the case with blokChi!

  • In the spirit of being universal, blokChi has devised a mechanism that can be altered to fit your compliance requirements.
  • Compliances like GS-1 can be incorporated by just altering the QR codes according to the requirements and the rest of the procedure remains the same.
  • The end-to-end track and trace feature will also keep a track of past and present compliance requirements.

How is blokChi different

Qr codes are both covert and overt
State of the art cloud-controlled printing
Flexible feature set
Non-disruptive mechanism
Customizable QR codes
Compliance requirement for every industry
Cost effective
Enhances trust on the brand
End consumer data analytics

Our Solutions

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